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According to Reuters recently, PHILPS lighting released PHILPS Rui Rui ceiling lamp, product synchronization in Millet online sale. The dome lamp for PHILPS lighting and millet set up a joint venture after the listing of the first product.
Intelligent lighting is the focus of development in recent years, PHILPS lighting in November last year, PHILPS lighting and millet signed an agreement to establish a new joint venture company in accordance with the PHILPS 70%, millet 30% stake, and jointly promote the development of intelligent lighting Home Furnishing in china. Joint venture will develop home intelligent lighting products, and access to millet smart home platform meters.
The release of PHILPS Rui Rui dome light by PHILPS and millet formed a joint venture development, collection of PHILPS lighting and millet in the smart Internet, LED lighting and smart home platform technical advantages. The product focuses on intelligent light perception, which can automatically adjust the color temperature to the most suitable condition according to the conditions such as illuminance, season and time. Bluetooth remote control released at the same time has a small appearance, can monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment synchronously, and optimize the experience of home lighting for consumers. Bluetooth remote control is optional
Data show that PHILPS Zhirui suction dome light from design history "Han Feizi" recorded in “ &rdquo, with a 50 cm heshibi; large scale uniform light-emitting surface, 5 cm thin, floating like hanging on the roof. The ceiling lamp has 3000 lumens brightness and is suitable for various living spaces, such as bedroom, living room and so on. Four lighting scenes (bright, warm, TV and night lights) cover mainstream home lighting needs. A night light with a luminous intensity of 4 lumens can reduce the effect of night light on vision.
PHILPS smart dome light can be controlled by traditional wall switches, cell phone applications (App), Bluetooth remote control and many other ways. Night light function not only can be opened by any key, but also through the intelligent linkage platform Home Furnishing millet bracelet, intelligent building, intelligent hardware and human body induction.