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In May 15th, the lighting designer (level three) training class in Foshan Nanhai Guicheng dynamic alliance building officially opened, the designers from the national lighting enterprises to attend the training class.
The lighting designer (level three) training course organized by the China Institute of lighting, Chinese lighting network contractors, to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, according to the &ldquo standard; lighting designer (&rdquo, training of occupation; indoor and outdoor light environment design talent, improve the lighting design personnel's service quality, specification of lighting designers working qualification.
The training course based on “ lighting designer ” occupation standard provisions, take full-time learning, teaching hours is 96 hours.
In the course of 10 days, 5 lecturers provided excellent lighting design courses for the trainees. May 15— 16, Xiao Jie will bring lecturer for the students "basic knowledge", "optical light and color vision and light", "measurement", "basic lighting lighting design (instance)" 4 topics; May 17— 18, lecturer Wu Yuxi will teach building, lighting and electrical knowledge drawing for the students; May 19— 20, lecturer Xiong Qinghua will bring "light" and "lighting" two large lecture topics for the students in May; 22— 23, lecturer Qu Weitian will give students on the CAD and Dialux lighting design software, May 24— 25, lecturer Pang Jiazhi will bring the students "control", "lighting distribution, lighting, lighting" "safety" 3 big lecture topics. After a day of practical review, the students will take the theoretical examination in May 27th and take a practical test in May 28th.
After the expiration of the study period, the training certificate of lighting designers will be awarded to the lighting Institute of China. After passing the examination, the &ldquo will be issued to the lighting Institute of China, and the lighting designer &rdquo will be issued. The certificate of professional level (grade three) will be issued.
The opening ceremony, said Chinese lighting network general manager Ding Yungao speech, hoping the lighting designer (level three) training, expanding the area of lighting design talent team, for the entire lighting industry development part.