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In May 5th, China's first major international standard, C919, made its first successful flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, marking a major leap forward in the field of civil aviation in china.
The design of the C919 aircraft lighting, Fudan University professor Lin Yandan lighting engineering department in two large aircraft major projects “ large passenger aircraft cabin scene lighting mechanism of ” and “ large passenger aircraft cockpit lighting research on ergonomics; ” Fudan University professor Sun Yaojie lighting engineering department in the United airliner the engineering team, to undertake large aircraft major projects: “ large aircraft cockpit lighting ” &rdquo, “ large aircraft cabin lighting; ergonomics, the research on control and Simulation of lighting system.
C919 from the project to the first flight lasted 10 years, is China's first with independent intellectual property rights of the main civil aircraft. C919 large aircraft fuselage wide will give passengers more passenger space, while providing high-quality fresh air with high efficiency air filtration system, humanized design with cabin lighting scene lighting, warm and considerate and comfortable environment for passengers.
According to reports, Lin Yandan served as the International Commission on the fourth division deputy minister and China state representative, the National Natural Science Funds, national &ldquo, “ 973” 863”; research on vision mechanism and dynamic control strategy in the lighting project. The fourth branch of the international lighting Commission is traffic lighting and light signals, the main research areas for light health and intelligent lighting, on behalf of the national development of national standards and international standards. Traffic lighting, including aircraft, cars, submarines, lighting, and light signal lighting, involves a wide range of fields, such as aircraft carriers, car manufacturing, etc.. Therefore, C919 aircraft can successfully test flight, can not do without its behind a batch of “ lighting ” unremitting efforts.