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In May 8th, OSRAM professional solutions to the lighting system of Beckhoff automation (Beckhoff Automation) and Microsoft Corp (Microsoft) two project partners, jointly launched the intelligent lighting solutions for the industrial 4 times in the German Hannover industrial exhibition. The scheme includes innovative lighting and lighting management systems interconnected by cloud and building automation. It is currently serving &ldquo at &rdquo, Germany, and is the future factory;.
This home is located in the German town of Phil Don West (East Westphalian) in Westphalia high-end factories, using OSRAM's sitko (Siteco) Modario band system, and will be matched to a DALI2 environment. Modario module is equipped with prism cap and adjustable white light function, based on the concept of people-oriented lighting, designed to be based on people's functions and building environment, tailored to achieve the technical program. OSRAM HC1 high frequency sensor innovation can be used to measure the object motion, space and daylight, when the lighting equipment receives these information, can control the light according to the demand, in order to achieve good lighting effect and best energy-saving performance.
All data in the factory will be synchronized to the cloud in real time, as a basis for lighting system monitoring, energy management and maintenance. At the same time, for the further implementation of the industrial and building automation that persist for many years goal, Beckhoff automation also adopts the terminal control display panel, not only concise vivid display of all information, also set up a production process, procedures and lighting on plant comprehensive system centralized control and supervision, and the control and from regulatory system or user location restrictions. Therefore, energy consumption, switching time, user frequency and service life, etc., will be unrestricted in the evaluation of data items.
An important feature of the project is &ldquo can achieve predictive maintenance; ” service, has been running for some time in the lighting, and the lighting levels have been lower than the predetermined illumination level, maintenance alarm will open, so you can according to the demand, timely carry out maintenance services. The more rapid engineering operation, analysis of energy data in cloud based, more concise and more simplified data recording processing, lighting concept can be integrated control of building things and standard of direct benefit.
In this smart lighting program, OSRAM brings energy-saving lighting, environmental protection, not only for employees to bring more comfortable and efficient office environment, but also to provide all the basic data required to achieve pre maintenance. Automation Beckhoff automation construction part is very strong and flexible, can be in Microsoft cloud applications and cloud computing to achieve rapid integration and expansion in the Azure platform, which greatly simplifies the calculation process and key visual analysis forecast.