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Jiangsu Consumers Association issued reading and writing table lamp comparative test results. 173 batch lamps, all the indicators are in line with the requirements of only 3 batches, of which more than 80% of the table lamp color temperature is too high, may affect people's vision health.
The comparison test of 173 batches of samples, of which 130 batches of LED lamp, light source lamp fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp (including 29 batches of tungsten halogen lamp light source) 14 batches, respectively, from all over Jiangsu and Tmall, Jingdong, market entities Suning Yi Gousan network channel. Comparison test based on the GB/T9473-2008 read and write operations "," GB50034-2013 "lamp technical requirements of architectural lighting design standards" and other relevant requirements, the power line length, shading, color temperature, color, photometry requirements a total of five technical indicators.
The test results showed that 173 batches of lamp all items are in line with the requirements of only 3 batches, respectively, was purchased in Nanjing Hexi Wanda Plaza, the king of the children of nominal Nanjing Neutrosophy library ZD-02 LED Huwendeng in Tmall, PHILPS lighting buy nominal by PHILPS (Chinese) PHILPS FDS632 Shu Investment Limited production as the lamp, Edward LTS-980-02-61 angel eyes light smooth joint research and development in Tmall buy nominal doctor Edward's flagship development by Shenzhen kangshijia Network Technology Co. Ltd. and the United States vision care association. Other 170 batch desk lamps are in the five performance indicators are not met.
According to the relevant standards, reading and writing homework, table lamp related color temperature should not exceed 4000K, color temperature is too high will affect comfort, if more than 6500K, may cause damage to vision. This table lamp color temperature detection result is not ideal, with 4000K as the reference standard, only 30 batches of table lamp color temperature does not exceed this standard, in other words, more than 80% of the table lamp exceeds this standard, color temperature is too high. The comparison test, there are 21 batches of table lamps color temperature of more than 6500K. It is worth noting that, in the suning.com long table flagship store to buy the nominal by Guangdong long amount of Limited by Share Ltd production of DP long quantity of LED670 table lamp color temperature is as high as 11643K.
The color rendering index of the light source is too low, it will not display the color of the object properly, have a greater impact on comfort, and cause visual fatigue and eye damage. According to the relevant standards, the LED color index RA should be no less than 80. The comparison test, there are 71 batches of desk lamps, the general color index RA, did not reach 80. Among them, there are 12 batches of desk lamps, the general color index RA, even 70 have not reached.
&ldquo Huwendeng; ” just a popular name, and not on the national eye function to read and write the introduction of specific lamp standards, and the relationship between the eye and the lamp performance did not undergo a rigorous scientific proof, the lack of relevant proof for clinical medicine. At present, there is no scientific basis for the eye lamp in the market. From the scientific point of view, no matter what lamp is used to read and study, it will not relax the eyes.
The biggest selling point of the eye care lamp on the market is that there is no flash. In fact, the basic working principle of most of the eye, is to improve the oscillation frequency of a common fluorescent lamp, the low frequency to high frequency flash flash, the naked eye can not distinguish between the strobe, but even the naked eye can not feel, there is still a stroboscopic lamp with high frequency, and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, if the long-term close use instead of health effects
No strobe, only the use of DC ballast, by alternating current into a voltage, current, smooth direct current, with direct current lighting, this technology product process is difficult, high cost.