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Located in the northeast of Yiwu Province, the town is located in the provincial hi tech zone. Its planning and positioning in order to develop the semiconductor photoelectric industry based, smart home, networking equipment R & D and manufacturing industries as auxiliary, taking into account the functions of leisure tourism, and strive to become the world's LED industry center.
Now, in the small town of HC semitek, REFOND, Linsen &ldquo three carriages; ” drive, prototype has significant. Su town is therefore shouted, tax within 5 years to grow to more than 4 billion, surpassing Hengdian for more than a year attracted 20 billion investment
May 15th, into the provincial information photoelectric hi tech park, Hua Hui photoelectric project site, I saw the workers are tight construction, everyone in the project as soon as possible to complete the work.
As the workers, since Huacan decides to enter the high-tech zones, in charge of the listed company Zhou Fuyun focused on here, every day in the busy busy. In his personal supervision, the project started construction in May 31st last year, and now has entered the production “ countdown ”.
“ scientific research workshop has been the top end of interior decoration, the extension of MOCVD workshop equipment has been put in place 8, the installation location is in progress, is expected in May 20th to enter the commissioning; sapphire shop basically completed renovation plan delivery; workshop equipment in place chip about 200 units, installation location is in progress, is expected in May 20th can enter the power plant equipment are debugging debugging; … … ” Zhou Fuyun while listening to the latest situation of the project, while drink slobber. &ldquo: in accordance with the current progress of the factory, by June, Hua photoelectric LED epitaxial, chip and sapphire processing project will be officially put into operation. By then, China's total production capacity will be greatly improved, and further consolidate the enterprise as the world's second largest LED chip production and supplier status. ” he nodded with satisfaction.
Compared with the HC semitek LED project in Yiwu, not far from its REFOND LED project in Yiwu, has created “ when signing, landing, when the year started, was put into operation ” “ Yiwu ”.
Total investment of 2 billion yuan of Ruifeng photoelectric Yiwu LED project, the main building LED packaging testing production base and domestic advanced new energy projects. The project is divided into 2 phases, of which one project covers an area of 100 mu. Project signed in February last year, officially started in May 18th, the first batch of products in December to achieve the next line. &ldquo: this year, we plan to achieve more than 800 million yuan sales in Yiwu base, achieve 20% growth, while the head office will reach 1 billion 500 million yuan. In other words, about half of the production and sales will be completed in Yiwu. "&rdquo," said Gong Yaling, head of the Yiwu Ruifeng photoelectric project.
At the same time, in the high-tech zone a total investment of 5 billion 500 million yuan of MLS LED project, the project covers an area of 600 acres. Since the formal signing of the project in August last year, the project is now in an orderly way.
HC semitek, REFOND and Linsen three LED leading enterprises have landed, several large projects total investment of about 20 billion yuan, the whole industry of Yiwu LED &ldquo &rdquo out of thin air;. At the same time, the introduction of HC semitek LED project in Yiwu, but also to fill the empty &ldquo of Zhejiang province LED industry chain; light source technology town will be the formation of industrial cluster value of over billion, and we need to Sanan optoelectronics as the representative of Xiamen than. &rdquo, not long ago, the city leader said, "in a few years, it will be the center of domestic and international LED industry, which will greatly promote the integration and development of the city.".
In “ hukouduoshi ” &ldquo ” love;
Many people are surprised how Yiwu is in more than a year, from a blank to so many listed companies gathered, and settled enterprises also belong to the middle and lower reaches of the industry, forming the whole industry chain?
Deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress, New District Party committee secretary Zhu Weisong concluded: “ away from the jaws of death, wolf mouth meat, and they also talked about the field of love &rsquo ‘. ”
Take Hua Hua photoelectric project for example, in the hi tech Zone to know that China may be ready for the LED epitaxial wafer project, there has been a certain place in Hubei, Jiangsu, a certain government, and Hua Yi basically negotiated the support policy. In order to facilitate the HC semitek project located in Yiwu high tech Zone, dozens of staff from Hubei, Jiangsu and other places, and HC semitek each board member contact, to introduce them to the Yiwu investment environment, talent and labor, government efficiency and execution etc.. Zhu was followed by Zhou Fuyun to go to work, with his own purchase of tofu skin went to Shanghai, the new year to major shareholders, invited the company to board the board in Yiwu. For this project, he ran home 47 times, and eventually the board of directors reached a consensus, the project landed in Yiwu.