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This is a time of great expectations. With the rapid development of Internet, the world is changing constantly, changing the whole LED industry. Focus on the present, lead the future, and take innovation technology as the guideline, which is our invariable direction. Shouldering the media's sense of responsibility and creating the world's leading platform for LED technology exchange and development has always been the ideal and original intention of the Aladdin forum.
2017, integration and integration. Smart Internet to thunder, the traditional production mode of lighting enterprises, to consumer demand and the development of smart city, to promote the enterprise's own production technology reform. For a time, by four, take cities and seize territory. How to lead the development of the industry, to find new blue ocean market, to tap more opportunities, and to promote the construction of national infrastructure, we need to seriously consider. At the same time, networking technology is an artifact of the traditional industry is still great scourges? Spoiler or subversion? How to realize the smart lighting? Perhaps the answer can be found in the 2017 Aladdin forum.
As the world's largest lighting exhibition, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition witnessed the lighting industry technological innovation and trend changes. Hold and show the same period of “ 2017 Aladdin forum ” “ &mdash lighting and whole thinking; fusion ” as the theme, brought together the world's top experts and more than 1000 elite lighting, lighting industry elite, looking back history, to discuss the development trend and future of lighting. The forum will outline a blueprint for the future of lighting, LED change and evolution of direct networking era, and show the way play Internet era lighting company, lighting design is presented about the problem with a sense of symbiosis.
What you are looking for here is an expert on industry leaders!
Industry forums focus on the power of leaders. There are a number of people in the lead, in the beyond, affecting the development of the industry. Can be regarded as the industry leader, but is not only to his achievements, and also is not only his wealth and influence how great, one must attach options are: how he created value for the LED industry.
On the other hand, the LED industry entrepreneurs who, after the establishment of a strong industry position, also in their thinking beyond the business itself, in view of forming a wider scope and more forward-looking, positive influence others and promote the progress of LED industry.
Conform to the development of the situation, 2017 Aladdin Lighting Forum will focus on the industry's cutting-edge exchanges and ideological exchanges. More than 50 LED industry leaders, pioneer group of expert advisers for the forum to escort; a number of technology leaders full debut, keynote or participate in the technical seminar, to share and discuss cutting-edge technology of LED industry and the latest research results, promote industry transformation and upgrading, integration and development. We expect more than 100 business leaders to attend. By then, the industry, CEO, CTO and other elite gathered, the development of hot topics in the industry to carry out in-depth study and research. Ideological confrontation, wisdom shine, a feast is about to open, will bring the most fresh, the most cutting-edge industry innovation wisdom.