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According to Reuters recently, PHILPS Lighting Center in Chengdu lighting held professional channels 2017 spring new conference. Different way to release product application classification oriented tradition, the PHILPS lighting through all channels, from the four aspects of high-quality lighting, intelligent interconnection, people-oriented, aesthetic design introduces the market for China industry insight, R & D and manufacturing and market forecast.
With LED intelligent lighting products and systems development, completed in 2013 PHILPS Chengdu lighting application center also upgraded in 2017 reload, PHILPS Corp.'s CityTouch flex intelligent interconnection road lighting system, PHILPS PoE intelligent lighting system and PHILPS office ActiveSite intelligent lighting system interconnection architecture settled with the &ldquo miniature wisdom; city ”, visitors can experience the real scene in the future smart city lighting.
&ldquo: PHILPS lighting, since its birth, has been continuously improving people's lighting experience through innovation. The PHILPS lighting is not rigidly adhere to the product category, but from a higher angle across the entire channel, which reflects our deep thinking about the lighting industry in the process of R & D and production. ” general manager of PHILPS lighting market in Greater China, Shen Xiaohui said, “ in the smart Internet era, PHILPS lighting will follow 125 years of innovation, continue to lead the development of the industry, let the professional lighting become more valuable. ”
LED ushered in high-quality lighting Era
Over the past 100 years, PHILPS lighting has provided high-quality lighting services through continuous innovation. Compared with the traditional light source, PHILPS lighting LED products not only economic energy saving, but also because of its safety and reliability, high compatibility and other advantages have been affirmed. With the continuous optimization of LED, the light efficiency is no longer its short board, thus opening the LED high-quality lighting era.
With the emergence of LED, the lighting industry has made leaps and bounds in the field of energy saving. This year, Chinese Building Technology Research Institute released the intelligent lighting system interconnection operation China first near zero energy demonstration building, relying on PHILPS LED lighting products, the building lighting power density than the current value is reduced by 64%, with the operation of the system, lighting energy consumption per unit area is only 1/4 of similar buildings.
Since the advent of LED, people have widely recognized the advantages of LED, but there is some concern about the initial cost of replacement. With the continuous development of LED technology, the cost advantages of LED products are no longer only reflected in the late operation and maintenance, but also in the initial cost, compared with the traditional light source price advantage. PHILPS lighting wholesale channel full range of LED products is representative of this trend, the ultra-thin LED lamp, LED lamp panel, ultra-thin metal halide lamp can replace high ceiling lamps, LED high power spiral fluorescent lamp can replace the low ceiling LED lamp, LED lamp and even three, from the initial cost, efficiency and the use of energy-saving life surpass the traditional source, to provide users with better alternative.