Top 10 way to set fast Charging in your android 2018


Hey guys hope you all are well, Today in this article I’m going to provide you all the best ways to charge your Android Phone more faster. So, go through the article carefully and know Top 10 way to set fast Charging in your android 2018.

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Now a days Android become in every hand and we all know the value of Battery Life on our phone. Not every Android Phone’s Battery Life are able to satisfy us. Battery Life of Android Phone’s reduces very quickly and takes a long time to recharge, just because of lots of apps running in the background. Normally Android takes up to 2 hours to charge. But the charging time can be minimized by some simple tricks.

Top 10 way to set fast Charging in your android 2018.

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1.Turn Off Mobile Data, Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth

Fast Charging tricks

While you are going to charge your Android Phone make sure that you have already turned off your Data connection, Bluetooth, Wifi, Hotspot, Gps etc. By doing this your phone will not be able to consume your Battery Life during charging. It can reduce charging time upto 20-40 minutes personally tested.

2.Use Airplane Mode

Fast Charging tricks

By turning on Airplane Mode all the networking process will be disabled. We all know that Network consumes more battery life. If you turn on Airplane Mode while charging your phone it will definitely reduce the time of charging your phone.

3.Use Battery Saving Mode

Fast Charging tricks

Fast Charging tricks
This option will help you to charge your battery fast. However, you can use the inbuilt function which comes as the stock option to many models. If you have Android Lollipop or later version then you could find the battery saving option in settings. Switch this on to conserve power while your phone recharges.

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4.Use original Charger adapter & Data cable

Fast Charging tricks

Fast Charging tricks

Always use your Phone’s original Charger Adapter and Data Cable because it will help you to charge your Phone faster and also save your phone from physical damage.

5. Power off your phone

Fast Charging tricks

Turn off your phone if possible to get best reduced time to fully charged your phone. This will help you to get more Battery Life in a short time. Suppose you are about to travel and your Phone’s Battery Life is not satisfaction, just turn off and plug in with your Original Charger. Your phone will get charged more faster.

6. Avoid wireless charging.

Fast Charging tricks

Wireless Charger is not able to charge your Phone as fast as your Original Charger. And through wireless Charger Little amount power is wasted. So, it’s always best to avoid wireless charging.

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7. Do not charge your Phone from laptops.

Fast Charging tricks

Fast Charging tricks

Don’t charge your phone from your Laptop because computer USB ports are typically 5V @ 0.5 amp. Since the USB provides half the current, it charges the phone at half the speed.

8. Avoid using your phone while charging

Fast Charging tricks

Many rumors are there which shows that using a phone while charging make smartphones to explode, but it is yet to be proven. But one thing is for sure that using your smartphone while charging will increase your overall charging time. So we suggest you to never use a smartphone while charging

9. Avoid Charging 0% to 100%

Fast Charging tricks
The study claims that full recharge will shorten the battery’s lifespan. However, you might have noticed that whenever your phone’s Battery reaches the 50% mark it starts to drain itself more quickly compared to 100% to 50%? Actually, this happens. So, make sure charge your phone whenever it is about to reach 50% and remove the charger whenever it reaches 95% you will experience better Battery Life and fast charging too.

10. Avoid using 3rd party application.

Fast Charging tricks

3rd party application promises to boost your phone performances and charging time too, but actually don’t do that. It reduces the time to fully charge your phone instead of boosting charging time.

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If you follow these all tricks I swear you will get good result on Top 10 way to set fast Charging in your android 2018.Hope you like this article. Please support us by liking this article & sharing too and don’t forget to comment below what do you think about all this tricks.

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