Best Hacking Apps you should try once.


Hello friends hope you all are well, Today in this article I am going to provide you some awesome suggestions of Best Hacking Apps. We all know that most of the hacking apps are not available in PlayStore that’s why I am going to provide you those apps from Google Drive server. In this series I will provide you Best Hacking Apps twice or thrice in a month. So if you want those apps also than don’t forget to enable notification service.

Best Hacking Apps:


Download Codec App

By this app you can a creat a sentence or word on which if someone touch, their Whatsapp will crash immediately. This app allows you to insert a long unreadable characters into a word or a sentence. Like below Screenshot.

How to use?

  • Download and install the app
  • Open the app and you will see like this interface

  • In first portion type the sentence or word what you want like ‘Click here and see magic’.
  • Not click on Choose Method and choose ‘Ascii’
  • And that type this two codes ‘8207’ ‘8206’ unlimited time i mean how much you can type. Follow the Screenshot below.

  • Now Copy the 1st portion’s text and send it through Whatsapp. Whenever someone touch the word or sentence his/her Whatsapp will crash. Look below.

2:PAUSE IT (Myself Using)

Download Pause It App (Search on Playstore)

When you are getting bored with WhatsApp and wanna stop getting whatsapp messages for a while but don’t wanna turn off your Internet Connection, this App will help you to do so. Via this app you can set a timer to stop getting Messages from WhatsApp. Look at the Screenshot below, My internet connection is On but WhatsApp messenger is not allowing to Send or Receive messages.

How to set up?

  • Install Pause It app
  • Open it
  • Give the permission of vpn
  • Turn on Pause option or Meeting mode.
  • That’s it.



Download Hacker keylogger App

This is a keyboard app which contains a awesome feature in it. Besically this keyboard app records all the words, sentences, usernames, password etc. Suppose you gave your phone to your friend to use Facebook, you will get username & password of your friend’s Facebook id. Thus you can Hack someone’s secret words like Passwords, usernames etc. If you wanna hack someone then you must try this app one time.

How to set up?

  • Download & Install the app.
  • Open The app and set up you keyboard setting.
  • Again open the app and turn on the Spying system by tapping on the big Red button

  • Once the big Red button turns into green button that means it is in active mode. Now whatever you type in your keyboard it will record automatically

  • To check saved words just Open the app- and click on Open App inside the app-Click on Typed data. That’s it you will get all the Typed words here.


Download Ukmovnow App

In this app you can watch all latest Released movies and Tv Shows in High quality online. You will get Movies and Tv shows category wise.

In Movies Category you will get.

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Dubbed Movies
  • All Movies

In Tv Shows Category you will get.

  • Game of Thrones
  • Vikings
  • Arrow
  • SuperGirl
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Flash
  • House of cards
  • Friends
  • & 50+ More Tv Shows

So friends these all are the Best Hacking Apps of today’s list. Hope You will use those apps. We will be back soon with an another awesome list of Best Hacking Apps. So, till then Keep visiting our website or you can enable our notification service. This will send you our all latest posts notification as soon as I post here.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below. I will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you, have a great day.

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